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Expatriates Calling Cards

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Hundreds of thousands of expatriates like you trust CallingCardsOutlet.com Calling Cards to keep in touch with family and friends for less. At CallingCardsOutlet.com, Expats will find superior calling cards with cheap international rates backed by our 100% Guarantee. Make international calls from the USA for as low as 0.6¢/min.

TIP: Use a prepaid calling card to make international calls from your USA cell phone because the rates can be significantly lower than your carrier’s international rates.


Featured Calling Cards for Expatriates

Vox Call
(No Other Fees)
Vox Call - PINless International Calling Service
   $2.00 learn more  Add $2.00 Vox Call to Cart (min 5 PIN order)
  $5.00 learn more  Add $5.00 Vox Call to Cart
$10.00 learn more  Add $10.00 Vox Call to Cart
$20.00 learn more  Add $20.00 Vox Call to Cart
$50.00 learn more  Add $50.00 Vox Call to Cart

Learn more about PINless Vox Call Service
(Domestic USA - 0.6ยข/min)
Libra Calling Card
$5    learn more  Add $5 Libra to Cart
$10  learn more  Add $10 Libra to Cart
$20  learn more  Add $205 Libra to Cart
$50  learn more  Add $50 Libra to Cart
Xtra Clean
(Low Worldwide Rates)
Xtra Clean Calling Card
$20  learn more  Add $20 Xtra Clean to Cart

Buy A Calling Card in 3 Easy Steps

 How to Buy a Discount Phone Card, easy as 1, 2, 3
  1. Select a Featured calling card for more information, or use the rate finder above to compare rates for the country you want to call.
  2. Select and purchase a calling card securely online.
  3. Receive your PINs instantly via email.

Calling Card Tips for Expatriates

  • Calling cards purchased over the Internet typically offer more competitive rates and higher quality connections; compared to calling cards that are purchased over the counter (OTC).
  • Purchase lower denomination calling cards and try to use them up during a single phone call. This tip may help you avoid additional fees to receive the minutes you have paid for.
  • Some calling cards will provide very different rates if used from a payphone or cellular phone. Likewise, calls originating from a country outside of the US and terminating in the USA will have higher rates due to international surcharges.
  • Make your purchase based upon the type of phone call you will be making:
    • US domestic
    • International
    • Cellular
  • Know how long your average phone call usually lasts so that you can select the appropriate denomination (e.g. $5, $10, $20).
  • Know the per minute rounding for any card you purchase. For example, three minute rounding means minutes are deducted from your card in blocks of three, even if you make a one minute phone call.
  • If you are traveling outside of the US, make sure you know if your calling card will work internationally.

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